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Almost One Year

It’s somewhat arbitrary. I suppose I should have waited for the one-year milestone to start writing. Perhaps being a vegan* for a full year would officially cement my decision to forego eating animal protein. Well, I’m committed to my decision and you’ll just have to wait to celebrate the day with me when it arrives!

In January 2014, I’d realized that I had not eaten any red meat in over two months. Even prior to that, my wife and I rarely cooked red meat at home, but dinners out were a time to be indulgent and professional chefs had a knack for making a steak taste better than what we could ever achieve. But even those extravagant meals were becoming less frequent. The indulgence wasn’t paying off. The food sat heavy in our stomachs, and I knew that it wasn’t the healthiest choice.

So I declared: I was done with red meat.

For a couple months we ate more vegetables. Many meals were now centered around what we thought were healthy animal proteins (chicken, pork or fish). It seemed we were making a move to a healthier diet…

Then I went to Yale and got schooled.

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